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Flexible Solutions

FlexiBorder lawn edging can be shaped to any curve and simply mounted into place. It keeps your lawn edges neat and tidy without the need to trim them and it also holds gravel, soil and bark in place. It is perfect for use along lawn edges and flower beds or around trees, bushes.


FlexiBorder by Ecoblok offers a Flexible, Weatherproof, Durable, Easy to install, Lawnmower safe solution which is also ideal for kids play areas.


Available in Terracotta, Black, Grey & Brown

Dimensions:  L 1000mm/H80mm/W75mm


Flexible design

Made of components from recycling

Durable & Long lasting


Easy to install

Simple connecting system

Lawnmower Safe


Safe for Kids near play areas


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Flexible Garden Edging System


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Simple to Connect



Flexible to fit in every space

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